$29.00 for 30 minutes introductory lesson

Or Pay In Advance $19.00 only

Get in touch with us to arrange a dance session, either in our studio or via Zoom, with any of our skilled instructors.

Why opt for private lessons?

Whether you’re aiming to refine your social dance skills or dive into competitive ballroom dancing, our instructors are here to support your journey!

Our private sessions are tailored one-on-one experiences, lasting 45 minutes each, designed to accelerate your progress and focus on your individual dance aspirations.

Packages Available

1 Lesson


5 Lessons


$89.00 / lesson

10 Lessons


$79.00 / lesson

20 Lessons


$69.00 / lesson

Please be aware that the listed rates apply only to our general instructors. For lessons with our specialty instructors – Diego, Adolfo, Natasha, Nathalia, and Jorge – kindly contact us at to schedule a private lesson.