EM Kids Project

Welcome to Empire Mambo’s first Kids Dance Program.

Salsa Junior is a fun and energetic dance class designed for kids ages 8-12 who are interested in learning the basics of salsa dancing. In this class, students will learn fundamental footwork, turns, and partner-work techniques that are essential for salsa dancing. Our experienced instructors will guide students through a variety of salsa dance routines, while emphasizing proper technique, rhythm, and musicality.

Come and check out what we have in store for your children this upcoming year!

About the instructor

Chelsea Polanco

Chelsea Polanco is a 26 year old who has a passion for movement and working with dancers. Chelsea began her training with styles such as Salsa, Bachata, and Street Jazz. She then furthered her training in Modern and Contemporary dance after studying at Hunter College. She has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Brenton Rude, Kranium, and Romeo Santos.

She has also been featured on a television series by VICE.
As a salsa dancer she has been invited to perform at international congresses in NYC and Miami with the Latin Soul Dancers by Adolfo Indacochea. She has also competed as part of Latin Fever ladies Team by Yaritza Arboleda and won 2nd place at the World Salsa Summit.

Empire Mambo’s Kids

What to expect?

Showcases, music tempo training, body awareness, dance class etiquette and more!

We will offer a large variety of complementary activities and services to provide our students with an artistic and dance
all-encompassing experience.

So, are you ready? We are so excited to start now!

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